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Dr. Danny's Teacher-to-Teacher Podcast

Nov 6, 2020

  • Why?: What does a teaching ministry have to do with baptizing?
  • What?: In the Great Commission recorded in Matthew chapter 28, Jesus commissions His disciples to make disciples. Having a heart to go to the lost, the church is to baptize those who become disciples of Jesus as their first act of obedience as new disciples, confessing to the world the profession of faith in Jesus. As teachers we have an obligation to teach—and to help those we disciple to teach—the full Gospel message. We must tell of the holiness of God and the separation from God that comes because humanity, through our first father, Adam, chose to sin. We must share the Good News that Jesus is the only solution to our separation
  • So What?: If we want to be right with God, we need to be disciples of Jesus. Disciples who make disciples by sharing the Good News presented especially in the Gospels that open the New Testament.
  • So What Now?: As a teacher, being used in a special way by God to make disciples, will you commit to teaching the holiness of God, the brokenness of humanity, and the only solution that makes us right with God, that is Christ Jesus.