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Dr. Danny's Teacher-to-Teacher Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

  • Why?: How and why should you grow in your teaching skill?
  • What?: God is the only perfect teacher. Jesus, God the Son, taught perfectly in His earthly ministry. He sent God, the Holy Spirit to teach until He returns for us. Like Jesus, the Holy Spirit teaches perfectly. To be blunt, you're neither of them. You ARE given as a gift by Jesus to the church. You ARE used by the Holy Spirit to teach, but only as His instrument. And, every instrument could be better…sharper…more effective.
  • So What?: So how do you improve?
    One way to get better is to record your teaching and then go through the painful process of reviewing your own teaching.
    Another way is to have your learners critique your teaching. Did they actually understand the truth you were trying to teach them? Were they motivated to be transformed by that truth?
    You might even invite other teachers or church leaders into your classroom to give you feedback.
    At, we have a list of questions that are useful in showing you ways you can improve.
  • So What Now?: The question is, "Will you actually try to improve?" Are you willing to receive feedback, even criticism, in the spirit of helping you to be more effective? Every teacher should want to improve. What will you do about it?